Camelina Sativa Seed Oil

Camelina, also known as Gold of Pleasure, has been grown in England for thousands of years for its tasty seeds and oil.

 CurlyEllie Intense OilGold of Pleasure oil is natures richest source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils. Refined, cold pressed gold of pleasure oil is a clear, bright yellow oil, with a light odour and amazing feel on your hair.. It is particularly valuable as a very rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA's).

Gold of Pleasure oil is obtained by expelling the seeds of Camelina Sativa, also known as "wild flax" as it was often found growing wild in flax fields. Gold of pleasure has been grown all over Europe for its fine oil from the Iron Ages until the beginning of this century when it was gradually replaced with other, higher yielding oil crops.

Recently, camelina oil has gained new attention as a potentially beneficial food oil. 

Why we love it in our Leave In Conditioner and Styling Cream

  • One of the richest natural sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids (as high as 45%), especially alpha-linolenic acid
  • Provides nourishment to the scalp and gets rid of excess dandruff or flakiness.
  • Comes packed with natural antioxidants, which play a key role in preventing the premature graying of hair.
  • Camelina oil is  rich in alpha and gamma tocopherol, two forms of vitamin E.
  • 475-degree F smoke point make it suitable for when you use heat like flat irons and curling tongs.
  • Expeller pressed, unrefined oil with no added heat, chemical solvent, or other refining agents


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