Quinoa Protein for Curly Hair
Considered the Mother Grain of the ancient Incas, quinoa is best known as a staple ingredient, particularly for its edible seeds. Mainly cultivated in the South American Andes Mountains, quinoa has been an important source of nutrition in the region for 6,000 years and revered as sacred.
Over time, quinoa has been gaining more recognition as a natural and sustainable ingredient. 2013 was declared by the United Nations as “The International Year of the Quinoa.”

    Why I love Quinoa and use it in our Conditioners:

    • Quinoa is considered to be a complete protein, containing all eight essential amino acids. Our quinoa confers film forming and moisture retention benefits typical of proteins, and has also been proven to provide substantivity.
    • It also helps to retain hair colour through a natural and sustainable platform.
    • Using our collection, your hair colour remains vibrant and tresses are protected for beautiful, lustrous-looking hair.

    Where you would find it in our collection

    • Indulgent Hair Conditioner
    • Leave In Conditioner and Styling Cream



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