How to Shampoo the Intense Way

Curly hair care is an art form that consists partly of selecting highly effective products and partly of picking the right techniques to make the most of your hair products.


CurlyEllie 'Lifted Roots' Cleansing Technique

We developed the CurlyEllie Lifted Roots Cleansing Technique for those with oily scalp or those days when you have been pushing back your wash day for too long.

The goal of this technique is to bring back volume to your roots.


Step 1 - Remove Excess Sebum

The CurlyEllie Intesne Shampoo is applied directly onto dry scalp and massaged to lift excess sebum, product build-up, and dust.

Step 2 - Cleanse Scalp

The next part of this process is to completely drench hair with water to foam and distribute the shampoo evenly through hair.

Step 3 - Wash Hair

Having focused a lot on the scalp we cannot forget our hair so that it can properly up solve nutrients from the Indulgent Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner.

Step 4 - Enjoy

I guess the results speak volumes, curls will be defined with volume that starts directly from the roots.

Now go out there and enjoy spring to the fullest, but stay safe!

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