There's nothing like some first hand testimony!

There’s nothing quite like the testimony of someone who has tried and tested a collection.

We sent our new collection to the wonderful Lynette (@ebony_natural_curls) to try out and give us her honest feedback. To say we are touched is an understatement!

So much work has gone into this collection, and to see it being used and loved, with the most incredible results makes us feel so proud and excited for what’s to come.

Although I think the photos of Lynette’s results speak for themselves, her words, and tips have moved us.

 "For those of you in the nosebleed seats - ‘YOU CAN’T BEAT A GOOD SHAMPOO!’

I am slightly obsessed with shampoos as I like my hair to be clean! What I have learned over the years is that my whole wash day will be more successful as long as I choose the right way to wash my hair given what I have been doing/putting in it.

Now I don’t mind a co-wash but it’s not really my drug of choice. I like a gentle shampoo with enough oomph to get my hair clean.

When a shampoo manages to soften, allow you to do a spot of light detangling, hydrates and moisturises, it’s definitely moving into Night Nurse heights.

This new shampoo from CurlyEllie Intense is the one. I’m not going to say much more because I need to go and be fabulous somewhere, but this shampoo will deliver on all your dreams!"


“I had no intentions of washing my hair today but on receiving a stash of products by CurlyEllie – well, let’s just say I jumped out of bed with a spring!

We all know what we need a conditioner to do! For me it needs to detangle, smooth, define, squish, soften, moisturise, last - I’m not asking for much! This Indulgent Conditioner from the brand’s new Intense line delivers on all fronts. I rarely comment on products straightaway these days but when you know, you know! I know.

The formulation is divine, concentrated so no need to pour the whole bottle over your head at all. My favourite test is how it plays with water and whether it will create that feel and squish I love. It does and my hair feels amazing."




"Well, this is day 5 hair trying out a new line and I am super impressed."


"When a brand is committed to being ethically and naturally based this will tell you much about the quality of the products."

"The Intense range is an adult range (although all the original products work superbly on adults) focused on hair that needs all the vital care of protection, moisture boosts and damage repair. Packed with ingredients such as a Babassu, Aloe, Abyssinian Oil and Broccoli to name a few the first three products in the range deliver at a high level.

The conditioner is full of slip and squish action, leaving your hair hydrated and moisturised and is creamy and concentrated. The Leave In defines and consolidates the smoothing action of the conditioner but also acts as a styler so whilst I added the Styling Serum, (from the main range) it can easily be used on its own.

The oil is a hardworking product with multiple uses. I used it to pre-poo and can’t stop reaching for it to massage my scalp and add unbeatable shine to my curls. I cannot describe the complementing fragrance of this trio - it’s just light and airy, with no tangible tropical-ness or citrus smell, just clean and fresh and I like that.

I am keen to see the benefits as I go forward and I will be purchasing top ups soon. Over the days you can see how much value well formulated products give your curls. Yes, I have refreshed with my usual rosewater and a little product - these curls have been through two separate Zumba sessions, but the refreshing was more from pleasure. What I found is that the products just get back to work and they are light enough not to punish the heavy handed, hands in hair amongst us!”

How gorgeous are her curls? There's nothing quite like the confidence an amazing curl day brings!
Don't forget to check out our brand new Hydrating Shampoo to complete your collection!

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